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UNC Board of Governors Meeting Materials April 2014

The UNC Board of Governors Meeting Materials for the April 10th-11th 2014 meeting are available as of April 7th.  The BOG received a package of approximately 600 pages the afternoon of Friday, April 4th.  It includes hot links to additional documents.  In the interest of transparency, I’m posting information about the public items.

April 2014 BOG Meeting Materials – image of webpage with agenda items

Meeting Materials can be viewed here

Some Initial Items of Note from the Audit and Budget & Finance Committees Include:

Audit – Item 3 – Audit Reports Released Since Last Meeting – including ECSU Long Distance Charges Audit and others.

Budget and Finance – Item 2 – Athletics Financial Transparency, Item 4 – Bonds for UNCG Recreation Center,  Item 5 – Tuition Bill Transparency, and Item 14 – FY 2013-14 Budget Management.

UNC Board of Governors April 2014 Meeting Materials Page

UNC Board of Governors April 2014 Meeting Materials Page

Please add your comments and concerns.  I am still reviewing all the materials and will post more items later.

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GO’s Ascent with Carolina Plott Hound

Carolina Plott Hound, the top NC conservative news aggregator, has published three of Greensboro Observer’s stories in the last week.  Today CPH’s top story is Obamacare (ACA) to Cost UNC $47 Million.  Last week they linked to stories about UNC Financials and UNC Foundation Financials – both stories contain Excel spreadsheets and detailed numbers in an effort to provide greater transparency to the people of our State.

Carolina Plott Hound - NC Conservative News Aggregator

Carolina Plott Hound – NC Conservative News Aggregator

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Obamacare (ACA) to Cost UNC $47 Million per Year

Obamacare will cost the University of North Carolina System $47 million per year starting in 2015 for its 8,586 employees that exceed 30 hours per week that don’t have State insurance.  This is a recurring annual expense.  The workers include temporary/visiting faculty, graduate or teaching assistants, post-doctoral employees and student employees.  This group is in addition to the primary UNC workforce that is already covered by the State Health Plan.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) employers are required to provide qualified health insurance plans to much of their workforce or face hefty fines.  Due to this mandate, the University of North Carolina and other State government agencies, as employers, must provide healthcare coverage for certain non-permanent employees or face significant fines.

The University’s existing health plan is currently administered by the State Health Plan.  At $5,435 per employee annually, this is an Unfunded mandate that will have a significant impact on the UNC system and state agency budgets.  With approximately 8,586 qualifying employees (that exceed 30 hours but aren’t currently insured) in the University, UNC will have to find approximately $47 million to comply with the Affordable Care Act mandate (based on 2014 rates of $5,435 per employee – however costs may be higher in 2015).

State Health Care Costs History:

2012-13: $5,192
2013-14: $5,285
2014-15: $5,435  ($1,400 increase, +34% over last seven years)

The University is responding by seeking lower cost insurance and asking for approval to provide these workers a cheaper plan.  It is also exploring cutting the hours of 50-75% these 8,586 employees to keep them under 30 hours per week.

The University hopes that by reducing the number of qualified employees’ hours (similar to Darden restaurants pilot program that it later reversed) and offering a lower cost plan – the cost impact could be reduced to $11-22 million per year.  I would brace for a $30-50 million impact.

The implementation date is 1/1/2015 – so campuses has already started setting aside money to deal with the impact.  Learn more by reading the UNC Board of Governors February 2014 meeting materials.

$47,000,000 per Year

$47 Million Impact to UNC from Obamacare

$47 Million Impact to UNC from Obamacare