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The Office Time Machine – Cultural References by Year

The Office Time Machine is a series of videos that pull out The Office cultural references and sorts they by year.  It’s a time capsule of sorts.  You can visit the page and watch several years in a row.  Sports, Movies, TV, Books, Music, Politics, Food/Drink, Technology, and other references abound.

The Office Time Machine

The Office Time Machine

I suggest starting with your birth year – in my case, 1969 and letting it run forward.  There’s probably a drinking game that could be developed out of this.

1969 – Born

1976 – 7

1980 – 11

1987 – High School Graduation

1991 – College Graduation

1994 – Internet Usage Kicking In, but notice only reference is to Amazon.com

1999 – Married

2003 – Children

2012 – Final Year of The Office

To pick your year and start – visit The Office Time Machine.