Will the Democratic Party be the Party of Workers, Unions, NAACP and Hagan?

Triad City Beat interviews the new North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director, Casey Mann, from Greensboro, NC.

Casey Mann, new NC Democratic Party Executive Director

Casey Mann, new NC Democratic Party Executive Director

Mann has a few noteworthy quotes in the article (in bold below, then my comments follow hers with a dash):

“When you look at the Democratic Party, we’re the party of teachers, workers, people working two jobs.” – Two jobs will likely be the norm with ACA implementation – it looks like they are trying to get out in front of it and shift blame away from ACA.

“Tax check-off money, which was a huge part of our operating budget every year, allowed it to be a way where the state party doled out the money that was needed.” – Unions or Associations could provide an alternative source of funding.

“[State NAACP President] Rev. Barber has done a phenomenal job with the Moral Monday movement and the values he is expressing are the values of the Democratic Party. I was actually at the first Moral Monday when it was all of 47 people.”

“Democrats have been in power for over 100 years so… it’s kind of a change of mentality to “How do we win seats? How do we make strides?”” 

“We actually work very closely with the Kay Hagan campaign to make sure they have what they need and we work back and forth. I am on the phone with them every day.”

 “These little pockets of opportunity actually help Kay Hagan as well.”