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Everyone Celebrating NC’s Low Unemployment Rate Except News & Record

NC Unemployment Rate Drops Below National Average to 6.2%.  “April unemployment rate falls to 6.2 percent in NC” is the headline most papers used.  N&R’s headline reads “Still ‘some room to go’ for North Carolina’s economy.”

Why do hundreds of headlines celebrate the unemployment rate drop, but the N&R takes a glass half-empty approach.  Would the headline be the same if Democrats were in power in NC?

Some of the other headlines for that AP story from around the country:

Unemployment Declines in Carolinas Far Outpace US – Wall Street Journal

State unemployment rate falls to new low

Unemployment continues to drop, state added jobs

April unemployment numbers show more people at work


News & Record's Headline  About Unemployment Rate Drop in NC

News & Record’s Headline About Unemployment Rate Drop in NC

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Is the News & Record on Drugs?

The Greensboro News & Record speculates that UNCG police helping arrest drug dealers in the Glenwood neighborhood may be viewed as a bad thing by area residents.  Really?  Are they on drugs?

Residents of the area may see UNCG police operations as yet another infringement on their neighborhood.” – Greensboro News & Record Article.

Yes! Weekly provides more coverage including photos of the suspects and the full police release.

UPDATE 4/28/14 – Britton St House is Next to Elementary School:

Britton House Near Elementary School

Britton House Near Elementary School


UPDATE 2/29/14:  News & Record writes a new story in today’s paper – much more on point – discussing positives of campus police working to improve a neighborhood.