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UNC System Financial Statements – Detailed Consolidated and by Campus

I started serving on the UNC Board of Governors in August 2013 and was placed on the Budget and Finance Committee as well as the Audit Committee.  The Board oversees the UNC System and its 17 campuses and related entities.

At our first meeting we were presented with a partial budget ($2.6 billion which is the State Appropriations funding/spending, not the full $8.8 billion).  I personally find it difficult to consider a budget without looking at the whole picture, financials, prior spending, impact, etc.  That’s especially trying when hundreds of pages of materials are supplied just a few days before the meeting.

In my business, we compare property by property financials as well as restaurant unit metrics.  I’m a product of the UNC System – Carolina for undergrad Business Admin and UNCG for MBA, so I was surprised to learn that there were no campus by campus comparison financial statements, nor a detailed consolidated financial statement.

I was able to obtain PDFs of the following financial statements:  ASU, ECSU, ECU, FSU, NC A&T, NCCU, NCSU, UNC-CH, UNC-General Admin, UNCA, UNCC, UNCG, UNCP, UNCSA, UNCW, WCU, WSSU and various other entities.  These are public materials, though not easily found.

Here’s a dropbox link those campus financials:

Two of my company staff worked to prepare the following Detailed Consolidated and by Campus Financial Statements (with numbers per student and per staff).  They had to start with the pdfs rather than spreadsheets (and hand key in the numbers), because those did not exist in the UNC System.  I’ve since found out that the State Auditor’s office has worksheets with the raw numbers – so I plan to request prior years’ numbers from Auditor Wood.

Here’s a dropbox link to our completed Excel spreadsheet and cover page.  I provided this to the BOG in November 2013.


Cover Page of the Detailed Consolidated and by Campus Financials

Cover Page of the Detailed Consolidated and by Campus Financials

The Board of Governors meets every month.  The next meeting of the Budget and Finance Committee is Thursday, February 20, 2014 in the Board Room of the Spangler Center in Chapel Hill at 12:45pm.  The topics will include Tuition and Fees for 2014-15, Budget Priorities, Authorization of Non-Appropriated Capital Improvements, and several others.  The meeting is open to the public.  The whole Board meets that Thursday morning at 9:30am with several committee meetings in the same building that day – all of those meetings are open meetings.  On Friday the 21st, the board meets for its formal session at 9am on SAS Campus, Building C, in Cary, NC (also open to the public).  I would encourage any interested parties to attend.  There is not an opportunity for the public to speak, but there are several breaks where attendees can talk with the BOG and University staff.

You can access full meeting materials through the following link (click on Meeting Materials):

ADDED 2/18/14 – UNC Foundations Activity Statements and Financials



From Dirt to Whisky Bar

A behind the scenes look at the demolished space and conceptual markup that led to the Marshall Free House Whisky Bar (pictured in our main blog graphic.  The MFH Facebook page has more photos –

Construction in the Marshall Free House - the Whisky Bar before

Construction in the Marshall Free House – the Whisky Bar before

The tape on the walls marked out where the back bar arches and laboratory would go to get a sense of scale and layout.  The finished product is pictured  below.  My goal was to build something that would still be around one hundred years from now.  The bar is all quarter sawn oak with carved capitals, beveled wood panels, curved radii (extremely difficult) in several places, soapstone and vintage marine searchlights.  The tables in the bar are 200 year old oak and 3″ thick.  It’s a strategy of building something once that will last.

The Completed Whisky Bar at MFH

The Completed Whisky Bar at MFH

What are some of your favorite architectural elements around Greensboro?


“On the good ship lollipop. It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop” – What’s the next line…

How many of you remember more than the words “On the good ship lollipop. It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop”?

“The Good Ship Lollipop”

music by R. Whiting and words by S. Clare

I’ve thrown away my toys
Even my drum and train.
I wanna make some noise
With real live aeroplanes.

Some day I’m going to fly.
I’ll be a pilot too.
And when I do, how would you
Like to be my crew…

On the good ship lollipop.
It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere.
Crackerjack bands fill the air.
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devils food cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
You’ll awake with a tummy ache.

On the good ship lollipop
It’s a night trip into bed you hop
And dream away
On the good ship lollipop.

Rest in peace Shirley Temple.  Part of innocent childhood memories.

Social Media

Greensboro Company Seeking Web Developer/Programmer

Web Developer/Programmer



We are searching for an outstanding web developer to be responsible for developing innovative, reusable Web-based tools. The applicant should be able to develop specifications and make recommendations on the use of new and emerging technologies. Programming, graphic design and database administration are all elements of this position. Experience and/or knowledge of mobile apps is required.


  • Work closely with an in-house graphic/interactive designer to produce visually appealing material for websites and mobile apps.
  • Convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML/HTML5 themes.
  • Determine appropriate architecture, and other technical solutions, and make relevant recommendations.
  • Communicate with efficiency and accuracy any progress and/or delays. Engage in outside-the-box thinking to provide high value concepts.
  • Alert colleagues to emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into operations and activities.
  • Be actively involved in and contribute regularly to the development community of the CMS of your choice.
  • Develop innovative, reusable Web-based tools for activism and community building.

Required Skills

  • BS in computer science or a related field, or significant equivalent experience
  • 3 years minimum experience with HTML/XHTML and CSS
  • 2 years minimum Web programming experience, including PHP, ASP or JSP
  • 1 year minimum experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL, MSSQL or Oracle and a good working knowledge of SQL
  • Experience with programming, development and deployment of mobile applications
  • Development experience using extensible web authoring tools
  • Experience developing and implementing open source software projects
  • Self-starter with strong self-management skills
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities­

Restaurant Investors is a restaurant company with multiple concepts operating and in development. We offer career growth and competitive benefits. We are located in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. Restaurant Investors is a well-capitalized company and it’s parent company, Kotis Holdings ( is the Triad’s largest retail shopping center developer. New locations and growth are a part of company objectives. Competitive benefit package available.

Beerby is our proprietary beer app available for iPhone or Android. It allows you to track and take notes about what beers you drink, find good beer near your current location, discover bars that carry your favorite beers, compete with your friends and more. We are looking for a developer/programer that can help us take this app and new ones to the next level.

Info about the company and restaurant concepts:

And also some news updates on the following sites:

Salary commensurate with experience.  Apply through contact form.


Former Greensboro Councilwoman Diane Bellamy-Small Runs for County Commissioner

Former Councilwoman Bellamy-Small announced her run for Guilford County Commissioner District 1 on her Facebook page this afternoon:

On the move again….

I asked for your support and vote.
Filed for the Guilford County Commission District 1 Race
This district covers part of Greensboro, part of Jamestown and part of High Point
For more information go to
Meet & Greet scheduled for Greensboro and Jamestown Saturday, February 15th and High Point February 16th

Former Councilwoman Bellamy-Small in front of District Map

Former Councilwoman Bellamy-Small in front of District Map

Restaurants/Food, Social Media

Bathroom Hallway Primitive Twitter

I saw this primitive version of Twitter in a bathroom hallway at the Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole, WY last month.  Overlooking the poor location (it was a small space) and hygiene issue, it was an interesting idea.  You take a recycled slip of paper (pre-torn into small slips), put it in the old typewriter, type a note, then place it on the wall with a thumbtack.

Poems, love notes, jokes, messages between people, adages and observations covered the wall.  The thought-provoking question is – Why?

Perhaps because it was a machine or toy, people wanted to play with it.  A new technology to a youth.  A nostalgic one for someone older.  Maybe a grandfather wants to show his grandson in the same way a grandson wants to show grandpa the latest technologies.  Or perhaps a means to connect with someone that you know, or someone you haven’t met.  Sitting in the dining area watching the hallway to see if someone reads the message, if it makes them smile, laugh or frown.  Did people feel like they needed to type something to fit in, because everyone else had?  Or did they dismiss it as too cutesy.  What did it say about the person if they stopped to read, typed something or didn’t type something.  When more people were around, did some people use it more often, or less often.  It could have been a way to leave a mark, to let people know you were there.  Or writing a note in response to something you saw on the wall – to chime in or to contradict.  Did they choose to type their name on the slip and was it a real name.

It makes you also wonder if people reading the slips took down any objectionable ones or was that up to the management.  Were there unwritten rules for typing on the wall.  And did the bakery put the typewriter in as a marketing idea or for inspiration.  I didn’t type a note, but I kind of wish I had.

Old Typewriter outside restaurant bathroom

Old Typewriter outside restaurant bathroom

Slips of Paper Serving as Primitive Twitter
Slips of Paper Serving as Primitive Twitter

Real Estate

What Retailers/Restaurants Would You Like to See in Greensboro?

We reach out to various retailers and restaurants each week and encourage them to come to Greensboro.  Which retailers and restaurants would you most like to see in Greensboro?  You can add options/answers to the poll.

publix_1149egg-and-iSullivansBuffalo Wild Wingsfirebirds

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Blogger Breakfast, Barack’s Bedroom and Bordeaux Blending Result in Blog

Most of my Friday was spent at the Proximity Hotel and Print Works Bistro.  It involved a breakfast meeting, Bordeaux blending dinner and being lucky enough to get bumped up to the Presidential Suite.  Saturday morning, with perhaps a judgement impairing hangover, I decided to launch a blog.

The day started with a breakfast meeting with a local blogger to talk about some web and tech projects we’re planning to tackle this year (websites, domain management and monetization, and the Beerby app we acquired).  My longtime web developer is retiring and that, coupled with the new projects, has me searching resumes and reviewing proposals.  We’ve reached out to UNCG and NC A&T, posted a job description on (included in follow up post).  Perhaps the interesting discussion planted a seed about blogging.

Apparently blog seeds need lots of wine to cultivate them.  That night we attended the Proximity’s Blend Your Own Bordeaux Dinner.  The winemaker, Trinchero, lays out four single grape wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot (they didn’t include Malbec, which was probably wise given the quantity of wine).  These grapes are typically used in blending a Bordeaux or Meritage wine in the Bordeaux style.  You have four small carafes of wine in front of you and the trick is to make your own blend.  Typical blends are high in Cab Sav and Merlot with lesser roles played by Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.  There is also a competition for best blend name, but alas our Cab Ride of Shame and Chat the Front Door didn’t win.  The dinner was paired with rooms, so a group of us gathered in one of them and stayed up late (well 40-something late which is midnight).  Have you ever noticed that people that have too much to drink sound and look like stroke victims?

We got back to our room and I vaguely remember going to sleep.  When we checked in, we had the good fortune of getting bumped up to a very nice suite on the eight floor.  I learned that President Obama had stayed in that room and that his entourage took the entire 7th and 8th floors.  The room had several sitting areas, a dining area, two full baths, and a separate bedroom and sitting area.  The view was amazing, with lots of open land in Green Valley below that could easily house a Trader Joe’s and shelves of their two-buck Chuck.

Proximity Suite

The next morning, thinking how odd it was that I too was pondering health care as I was searching for Advil, I had the presidential idea of starting a blog.  I’m a big fan of technology and social media, so this seemed like a good idea.  Of course, my blog may be as disastrous as‘s launch and my grammar as bad as Sal Leone’s. But I welcome any and all suggestions/corrections.

On Facebook, I changed course over the last couple of years and culled my friends list down from the hundreds to less than 100.  I use my LinkedIn profile to connect with most of my professional contacts.  I’ve tried Twitter, but I can’t look at my phone that often.  Much of my posting is through my various companies Facebook pages – Kotis, Darryl’s, Marshall Free House, Pig Pounder, Burger Warfare and Yo Daddy. I enjoy reaching down past the layers of management and having short conversations with the restaurant guests.  Each of those pages has its own personality, so this will be somewhat different.  I picked Greensboro Observer because 1) I had the domain, 2) it will contain my observations, and 3) it’s as close as I’ll get to owning a newspaper.

I tend to gather much of my news by reading the News & Record, Yes! Weekly, Rhino Times, Triad Business Journal, WSJ, USA Today and BBC News on my iPad.  For some local dish I also visit Greensboro101, Billy’s, George’s blog and TriaggregatorFec’s and Ed Cone’s.  Each has a different voice and I skim through for interesting stories or comments.  Carolina Plott Hound has some conservative editorial headlines from all over the State, The Daily Tar Heel for UNC news, and I also use various alerts and search terms.  I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but this isn’t an acceptance speech.

The topics I plan to cover in this blog include:  Commercial Real Estate, Restaurants, UNC System, Government, Beer/Wine/Mixology, Travel, Social Media, Technology, and Architecture. I’m going to post a few articles at once to get it started, then likely settle into 1-2 posts per week.  Again, I welcome any feedback and hope you’ll enjoy the blog.


Our Congressman Howard Coble Sings for Supper

At last night’s “A Tribute to the Honorable Howard Coble” dinner, the crowd’s favorite moment was when the LEADAH took the stage. Congressman Coble’s favorite bluegrass band, Southeast Express, played several songs, but the highlight was Ole Slew Foot.  That’s Howard singing second from the right.

We spent the night talking about his unmatched energy, integrity, wit, charisma, high school mascot knowledge, declining a federal pension, and genuine care for his constituents.  He is a great man that has truly served the people.

“Ole Slew Foot” written by Charlie Daniels

High on the mountain, tell me what you see
Bear tracks, bear tracks lookin’ back at me
Better get your rifle boys, ‘fore it’s too late
‘Cause a bear’s got a little pig and headed thru the gate

He’s big around the middle and he’s broad across the rump
Runnin’ ninety miles an hour takin’ thirty feet a jump
Ain’t never been caught, he ain’t never been tree’d
Some folks say he looks a lot like me

I saved up my money and I bought me some bees
And they started makin’ honey way up in the trees
Cut down the tree but my honey’s all gone
Ole Slew-Foot’s done made himself at home

He’s big around the middle and he’s broad across the rump
Runnin’ ninety miles an hour takin’ thirty feet a jump
Ain’t never been caught, he ain’t never been tree’d
Some folks say he looks a lot like me

Winter’s comin’ on and it’s twenty below
And the river’s froze over so where can he go
We’ll chase him up the gulley then we’ll run him in the well
We’ll shoot him in the bottom just to listen to him yell

He’s big around the middle and he’s broad across the rump
Runnin’ ninety miles an hour takin’ thirty feet a jump
Ain’t never been caught, he ain’t never been tree’d
Some folks say he looks a lot like me


Whisky Bar

Whisky Bar in Marshall Free House


Whisky Bar