Peter Pan (Robin Williams) fights his demons in the morality play “Hook” (1991)

Robin Williams struggles with his demons in the movie – Hook (1991). I watched it again last night. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great morality play. In his various movies, Williams characters often struggle with dark issues armed with a sense of humor and intellect.

Some noteworthy quotes from Hook:

Captain James Hook: Prepare to die, Peter Pan!
Peter: To die would be a grand adventure!
Captain James Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!

Peter Pan (Robin Williams) fighting Captain Hook.

Peter Pan (Robin Williams) fighting Captain Hook.

[last lines]
Granny Wendy: So… your adventures are over.
Peter Banning: Oh, no. To live… to live would be an awfully big adventure.

Moira Banning: I hated the deal, but I’m sorry you feel so badly about it. Your children love you, they want to play with you. How long do you think that lasts? Soon Jack may not even want you to come to his games. We have a few special years with our children, when they’re the ones that want us around. After that you’re going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It’s so fast Peter. It’s a few years, and it’s over. And you are not being careful. And you are missing it.

Captain James Hook: [holding a pistol to his head] No stopping me this time, Smee. This is it. Don’t make a move Smee, not a step. My finger’s on the trigger. Don’t try to stop me, Smee.
Smee: Oh, not again.
Captain James Hook: This is it. Don’t try to stop me this time, Smee. Don’t try to stop me this time, Smee. Don’t you dare try to stop me this time, Smee, try to stop me. Smee, you’d better get up off your ass. Get over here, Smee!
Smee: I’m coming. I’m coming.
Captain James Hook: Stop me! This is not a joke! I’m committing suicide!
[Smee triggers the gun away from Hook’s head, sinking the model ship in the pool]
Captain James Hook: Don’t ever frighten me like that again.
Smee: I’m sorry.
Captain James Hook: What are you, some kind of a sadist?
Smee: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. How do you feel now?
Captain James Hook: [sighs] I want to die.
Smee: Oh, now, now.
Captain James Hook: There’s no adventure here.
Smee: [hold out Hook’s gun] You call this no adventure?
Captain James Hook: Death is the only adventure I have left, Smee.

Captain James Hook: [to Peter as he traps him and grinds his hook near his face] You know you’re not really Peter Pan, don’t you? This is only a dream. When you wake up, you’ll just be Peter Banning – a cold, selfish man who drinks too much, is obsessed with success, and runs and hides from his wife and children!

Wendy Darling: So, Peter, you’ve become a pirate.

Captain James Hook: [watching Peter try – and fail – to rescue his children] Smee, I don’t understand. Why doesn’t he fly? Is he not Peter Pan?
Smee: He’s Peter Pan, all right, Captain. He’s just been away from Neverland so long, his mind’s been junk-tified. He’s forgotten everything.

Wendy Darling: Boy, why are you crying?
Peter Banning: I don’t know. A tear for every happy thought.

Robin Williams will be missed. I’ll remember him as Peter Pan finally thinking happy thoughts.

Here’s an online version of the book Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy) the movie Hook is available on Netflix.

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The Office Time Machine – Cultural References by Year

The Office Time Machine is a series of videos that pull out The Office cultural references and sorts they by year.  It’s a time capsule of sorts.  You can visit the page and watch several years in a row.  Sports, Movies, TV, Books, Music, Politics, Food/Drink, Technology, and other references abound.

The Office Time Machine

The Office Time Machine

I suggest starting with your birth year – in my case, 1969 and letting it run forward.  There’s probably a drinking game that could be developed out of this.

1969 – Born

1976 – 7

1980 – 11

1987 – High School Graduation

1991 – College Graduation

1994 – Internet Usage Kicking In, but notice only reference is to Amazon.com

1999 – Married

2003 – Children

2012 – Final Year of The Office

To pick your year and start – visit The Office Time Machine.


“On the good ship lollipop. It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop” – What’s the next line…

How many of you remember more than the words “On the good ship lollipop. It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop”?

“The Good Ship Lollipop”

music by R. Whiting and words by S. Clare

I’ve thrown away my toys
Even my drum and train.
I wanna make some noise
With real live aeroplanes.

Some day I’m going to fly.
I’ll be a pilot too.
And when I do, how would you
Like to be my crew…

On the good ship lollipop.
It’s a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere.
Crackerjack bands fill the air.
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devils food cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
You’ll awake with a tummy ache.

On the good ship lollipop
It’s a night trip into bed you hop
And dream away
On the good ship lollipop.

Rest in peace Shirley Temple.  Part of innocent childhood memories.