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Is the News & Record on Drugs?

The Greensboro News & Record speculates that UNCG police helping arrest drug dealers in the Glenwood neighborhood may be viewed as a bad thing by area residents.  Really?  Are they on drugs?

Residents of the area may see UNCG police operations as yet another infringement on their neighborhood.” – Greensboro News & Record Article.

Yes! Weekly provides more coverage including photos of the suspects and the full police release.

UPDATE 4/28/14 – Britton St House is Next to Elementary School:

Britton House Near Elementary School

Britton House Near Elementary School


UPDATE 2/29/14:  News & Record writes a new story in today’s paper – much more on point – discussing positives of campus police working to improve a neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Is the News & Record on Drugs?

  1. I don’t think the newspaper itself is on drugs but probably many of the reporters are. Considering what they write it would surprise me if they were not smoking dope.

  2. UNCG Police are State Police, employed by the State of North Carolina. Their authority is state wide just like the NC Highway Patrol. They can only infringe by operating outside their authority.

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