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Little Mention of Easter in News & Record on Easter Sunday

Why is there so little mention of Easter in Easter Sunday’s News & Record? It’s mentioned in the body of Beth McKee-Huger’s piece, but not in a single headline. In a couple of other pieces, it’s used as a date reference. Can anyone explain the editorial decision-making behind this?

The Newseum in Washington, DC has a neat feature with front pages of newspapers from all over the world  – but view them quickly as they are only available for that day.  An interesting study would compare the coverage of Easter in various media outlets including social media.

North Carolina’s Newspapers’ Front Pages:

Asheville Citizen-Times     Easter mentioned in bottom right footer

Charlotte Observer     Easter prominent photo mid-page and article and advertisement in footer

The Daily Courier – Rutherford    Walk to Calvary with cross being carried, prominent with photos

The Daily Dispatch – Henderson    No mention of Easter on front page

The Daily Herald – Roanoke Rapids    Prominent story with cross and photo

The Enquirer Journal – Monroe    No mention of Easter, not even in their Today in History list with various events from today’s date

The Fayetteville Observer    No mention of Easter

Gaston Gazette    No mention of Easter

Herald-Sun   No mention of Easter

Hickory Daily Record   Prominent story titled “He is Risen” (top story and just below it is an even larger article titled Got Beer?), plus Easter ad in footer.  **This is my favorite front page

High Point Enterprise    Header and main prominent story about Easter, only other article on front page is about church pianist/organist world record holder, it is the only front page with all faith stories

Independent Tribune – Cabarrus    Prominent Easter story with multiple photos

The McDowell News – Marion    Header mention of Easter, story on a church mid-page

Mooresville Tribune    Header mention of Easter, Christian music story

News & Observer         Prominent story on Easter food

News & Record     Story on right side about a church – passing Easter reference in article

News Topic – Lenoir    Prominent Easter photo with cross, also header mention

The Star – Shelby     Prominent Easter story with multiple photos including Christ on Cross re-enactment

Star News – Wilmington     Brief mention of Easter’s Holy Fire celebration in Greece in bottom right

Times-News – Hendersonville     Header saying Happy Easter with flower photo

Winston Salem Journal     No mention of Easter

Are the papers responding to consumer preference in their markets?  Are these editorial decisions?  Will you see churches having to hire PR firms to promote Easter stories in the future?






3 thoughts on “Little Mention of Easter in News & Record on Easter Sunday

  1. Depends on the paper, the year, and the news climate. In 22 years at the N&R, I did three big, blowout Easter-themed packages for front-page publication. Other years, other reporters did them. Some years the paper did little or nothing. At a properly edited paper, these stories should compete on their merits for front-page space just like other stories, in my opinion.

      • Easter was late this year, and it’s an unusually busy primary election season given the Senate and 6th Congressional District races. And, for whatever reason, nobody on the N&R staff had a good Easter story (there’s no official religion writer anymore) and apparently there were none on the wires, which happens..

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