Everyone Celebrating NC’s Low Unemployment Rate Except News & Record

NC Unemployment Rate Drops Below National Average to 6.2%.  “April unemployment rate falls to 6.2 percent in NC” is the headline most papers used.  N&R’s headline reads “Still ‘some room to go’ for North Carolina’s economy.”

Why do hundreds of headlines celebrate the unemployment rate drop, but the N&R takes a glass half-empty approach.  Would the headline be the same if Democrats were in power in NC?

Some of the other headlines for that AP story from around the country:

Unemployment Declines in Carolinas Far Outpace US – Wall Street Journal

State unemployment rate falls to new low

Unemployment continues to drop, state added jobs

April unemployment numbers show more people at work


News & Record's Headline  About Unemployment Rate Drop in NC

News & Record’s Headline About Unemployment Rate Drop in NC

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  1. Because it’s not real! If anyone is closely following unemployment in this country they will know the numbers don’t mean a thing. Every week in this country, because the misers in Washington decided against extending emergency unemployment,approximately 72,000 people nationwide fall off the unemployment roll – they are no longer counted. THAT’S why the unemployment numbers are dropping. Washington thinks their constituents are idiots.

  2. A survey, Marty? They actually determine unemployment numbers via means of a survey. Do you know of anyone anywhere who has actually participated in this survey? And with the long term unemployed being the people most likely not to have telephones in their homes wouldn’t they be most likely to be missed by this survey? With the long term unemployed being the people most likely to be homeless or in temporary housing situations wouldn’t they be the ones to be most likely missed by this survey?

    The fact is: no matter how it’s counted the numbers are much higher than the 6.2% quoted.

  3. Labor participation rate (62%) at an all time low. IIRC, some 92 million not working. Also need to look at what kind of jobs are being created.

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